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Studio Liability Release
In consideration of the acceptance of this application and the services to be rendered and the facilities to be made available to me by The Athlete’s Zone Inc., I,<CLIENTNAME> for myself, my heirs, and any other interested parties HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE, AND FOREVER DISCHARGE The Athlete’s Zone Inc., and all their respective employees, officers, and agents OF AND FROM ALL CLAIMS, DEMANDS, DAMAGES, COSTS, EXPENSES, ACTIONS, AND CAUSES OF ACTION, WHETHER IN LAW OF EQUITY, IN RESPECT OF DEATH, INJURY, LOSS, OR DAMAGE TO MY PERSON OR PROPERTY, HOWEVER CAUSED, arising prior to, during, or after any test, training session, program, assessment, treatment, or attendance at The Athlete’s Zone Inc., and NOTWITHSTANDING THAT ANY SUCH CLAIM MAY HAVE BEEN CONTRIBUTED TO OR OCCASIONED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF ANY OF THE AFORESAID.

In addition, I, <CLIENTNAME> hereby acknowledge and agree that all damage caused or resulting in The Athlete's Zone Inc. facility due to my actions will be reimbursed to The Athlete's Zone Inc. for the return of said damaged or broken items to their previously unbroken or undamaged state, whether this return be by repair or replacement at my expense.