Active Adult Fitness Program

Adults are not forgotten at The Athlete’s Zone. Active athletes who may be older in age but not in their willingness to work hard have the opportunity to attend The Athlete’s Zone as an athlete in training, participating in our Active Adult Fitness Program.  Whether your goal is to increase your fitness level, work out some old injuries, lose body fat or just get back to feeling great, The Athlete’s Zone has what you are looking for. 

The Active Adult Program allows our members the opportunity to access the facility and use it to achieve their fitness goals. Membership in these programs comes with a daily fitness program provided for members to follow along with, as well as the freedom to perform other fitness pursuits using The Athlete’s Zones’ facility.  
Membership also entitles the active adult member to a Functional Movement Screen four times per year and the ability to adjust their training based on their performance within the screen. 

Additional options available to these Active Adult Memberships is personalized program construction based on the Functional Movement Screen and training goals of the active adult member, dressing room locker service, as well as nutritional counseling and lifestyle management strategy sessions. All memberships include towel service and a registration package.