Athlete Development Programs

The Athlete Development program here at Athlete’s Zone is an innovative approach to training that is founded upon the science and practical application of proven human movement principles, a thorough understanding of sports performance techniques and over twenty years of experience training elite athletes across a number of sports.

At the Athlete’s Zone, our goal is to build a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete's individual goals. Our programs involve the coaching of specific movement skills within an athlete’s current age and ability level, with instruction in linear and lateral movement skills, speed, agility, power development, strength and body control, energy system development and workload capacity tolerance.

Each training session, athletes are given their workout through our on-line training program where they can track their progress and upload their performance within the workout to their own unique profile on our training system. Additionally, athletes receive at-home training, nutrition plans, goal setting accountability and educational materials through our on-line platforms as well. The Athlete’s Zone is always working hand-in-hand to help athlete’s achieve their goals and we know the work does not stop even though you have completed your workout for the day.

Athlete’s are closely supervised and coached by sport development coaches at all times on the training floor here at Athlete’s Zone, teaching proper technique, safety and answering an athlete's questions throughout the entire 90-minute training session.

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Athlete's can register at any point in the year by purchasing either a Bronze or Silver Package or by enrolling in our Athlete Membership Program. Call or email us if you have any questions about the enrollment process or the registration options you are considering. (905) 602-5510 or

Customized Personal Training Programs

Athlete's looking to receive individualized training programs will need to register in one of our Athlete Memberships (Gold or Platinum). Based off the athlete's training goals and from
the results of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Sports Performance Evaluation, a custom training program is built for them and is used in their sports performance training sessions.

Each athlete has their own training data recorded in a personalized on-line account and programs are updated as additional FMS tests are performed. Specific training goals, previous injury consideration and special training techniques are all included in the customized program development process.

Silver Package

20 Sport Performance Training Sessions

Athlete's Zone Basic BaseLine Concussion Test

5 NeuroTracker Training Sessions

Athlete's Zone 28-Day Kick Start Nutrition Program

Investment: 2 payments - $375

Bronze Packages

Bronze 5 Package

5 Sport Performance Training Sessions

Investment: $205


Bronze 12 Package
12 Sport Performance Training Sessions

Investment: $462

Athlete Memberships

Custom Personalized Training Program

Comprehensive Baseline Concussion Test

Functional Movement Screen Evaluation

Daily Accountability & Meal Plans

Sport Massage Therapy Consultations

And much more....

Investment: Less than $20/visit