Take your game to a new level on the ice this year with the Hockey Program here at The Athlete’s Zone. Increase your breakaway speed, out-muscle opponents on the puck or along the boards, create opportunities for yourself with faster and more precise movement skills and outlast the competition with superior conditioning levels. Make yourself the player you know you can be when you get back on the ice with a program from The Athlete's Zone!

In The Athlete's Zone, players train in a small group format, with the group size limited to just 8 athletes by our on-line scheduling system. Each group is led through a pre-planned workout by one of our sport development coaches, demonstrating proper exercise technique, correcting movement errors, providing technical advice and answering any questions the athletes may have.

Each 90 minute workout is designed to progressively challenge the athlete, using the science of athletic development coupled with the technical expertise of coaching that is geared towards working with the elite level athlete. The Athlete’s Zone is not a place that puts athletes in dangerous training situations, nor is it a facility that provides a false macho “shirts off” mentality or forces an athlete to lift extremely heavy weights in exercises they are not able to perform technically perfect.

In contrast, The Athlete's Zone is a place for the elite, developing athlete who wants to complement their on-ice growth with advanced high performance training techniques in a structured and positive environment. Athletes train in an environment surrounded by other professional and amateur athletes all working towards the same goal.

For training programs greater than 15 sessions, one of our three package options is the best value. These packages combine a specific number of training sessions along with other added value services to give the best training opportunity. Packages are offered in Gold, Silver and Bronze designations.

Athlete’s may purchase sessions individually if they prefer or if they are looking for more of a complete yearly development program, The Athlete's Zone offers monthly memberships to it’s clients as well. Click here to find out more about The Athlete's Zone Membership Options.

Gold Package


55 Training sessions

1 NeuroTracker Baseline Test

10 NeuroTracker Training Sessions

2 Functional Movement Screen

1 Athlete’s Zone Training Shirt, Shorts and Sweatshirt

1 Comprehensive Athlete Development Session

Silver Package


35 Training sessions

1 NeuroTracker Baseline Test

4 NeuroTracker Training Sessions

1 Functional Movement Screen

1 Athlete’s Zone Training Shirt and Shorts


Bronze Package


20 Training sessions

1 NeuroTracker Baseline Test

1 Athlete’s Zone Training Shirt