Hands On Coaching & Instruction at Each Session


When you train at AZ, you are coached all the way through your training session. We are here to ensure you get the best development opportunity and are able to understand the demands of the program and execute it properly.



Athletic Performance Facility Designed by Athletes

A 25m turf area, sleds, medicine balls, plyo boxes, battle ropes, treadmills, Olympic platforms, full weight room, 8 squat racks, 5 Keiser Functional Trainers, locker room, shower facilities, towel service and a Sports Injury Clinic onsite let our athletes focus on their goals and really get into their training.

Advanced Training Techniques & Technology


Every athlete in AZ uses our online training platform for their workouts, receiving daily nutrition lessons, meal plans and recovery workouts on their device as well as scheduling their training sessions using the AZ App.