In their team situation, players may not have the opportunity for learning the finer points of creating offensive opportunities. During the Offensive Skills & Strategies sessions, players will learn and refine situation based offensive abilities and tactics. Impact Hockey’s Pro-Elite Division is ready to teach these concepts and bring the mystery of offensive production to an end for our players.

Designed to develop the creative side of a players skill set, the offensive skills sessions will professionally teach players to create offensive scoring opportunities through their technical shooting instruction, body positioning, attack angles and finding soft spots or creating high percentage plays in the offensive zone. Due to an improved read of the play and an overall plan for your time either on the rush or once you are established in the other team’s end, offensive droughts will become a thing of the past.

So get signed up and ready to build these skills and way of thinking the offensive game. The other team’s goalies and defenseman will be hating us, but… that’s ok as far as we are concerned!!!

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