Here at the Athlete's Zone, we want to work with you in getting the most out of your time available for training. That is why we have developed a scheduling system that puts you in control.

Athlete's are free to schedule their training at times when they are available, making the schedule work with them not against them. You are not locked into one specific time or day, you can choose to schedule your training at times that are complementary to the other activities you and your family have going on in your busy lives.

Can't make the 5:30pm time slot today; No problem, book the 7:00pm slot. Unable to come for two days? That's ok, we are open on the weekend so you can get all the workouts in you want this week. Need to get in early; Again, no problem, first workout each day starts at 8:00am.

How do I book an appointment?
It is super easy to book your training times here on our website. Simply click on the "schedule" tab in the upper left portion of any page on our website and you will be taken to the Schedule page.
Schedule image

Once you are on the schedule page, scroll down to the date you are looking to book a training time on. All of the training times are listed in the left hand column.
schedule 2

Make sure the name of the session in the middle column matches the age category (Competitive vs Developmental) and the sport that you wish to book into (Skating sport = Hockey, Field Sport = Soccer/Lacrosse, Throwing Sport = Volleyball/Baseball).

Session types named "Daily Sports Performance Program workout" are for those athletes looking to train during their in-season time period. ie. Hockey players sign up for Daily Sports Performance sessions from September to March, soccer and baseball players sign up for these sessions from May to October.
schedule 3

On the far right hand side, click on the sign up button and you will be taken to the sign-up page.
schedule 4

Complete the required login and accept the session booking. If you have purchased these sessions and they are active in your account with us, you will get a confirmation page telling you the session has been booked.

If you are asked to purchase the session, then you either have used up all the sessions you purchased or you may have selected the wrong sign up tab and are trying to book a session you are not registered to attend.

Session Capacity
The scheduling system automatically limits the number of athletes that can sign up for any one training session to eight athletes total. We will always give first priority to those athletes who book on-line for a session time over those who simply drop in and hope to train with the next available group. If the session is filled with eight athletes booked on-line, we ask that you please wait until the next available group for your training session that day.

How far ahead can I book sessions?
So, plan ahead and book your sessions a week or two ahead of time to ensure you get the training times you want. The scheduling system will allow you to book up to three weeks in advance so plan ahead. Certain training times will become very popular and fill up quickly!