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  • Payment for Products & Services
    • All Credit Cards will be processed in Canadian Dollars at the time of payment.  THE ATHLETE’S ZONE INC. is not responsible for any fees, charges, exchange rates or additional charges levied by individual financial institutions or Credit Card companies.


Scheduling / Refund / Cancellation Policy 


  • Sports Performance Training 
    • All individual programs require the use of THE ATHLETE’S ZONE INC. key fob to electronically sign-in and access the training room floor. A deposit of $30.00 is required on the first program you sign up for with THE ATHLETE’S ZONE INC. to cover the replacement cost of the key fob. This key fob is re-useable for all programs you are registered for here at THE ATHLETE’S ZONE INC.     
    • If your scheduling conflict is known in advance and we are notified at least 24 hours ahead of time, changes to the appointment time may be made. On-line changes can be made directly by yourself at any time but the system does not allow changes in the last 24 hours prior to the scheduled session.
    • If you have purchased a training package or membership, any sessions missed with less than 24 hours notification are still charged as a completed session. 
    • All packages are billed with either one, two or three regularly scheduled installments. Payment may be made in-person by cash, cheque, interact, credit card or e-transfer. A valid credit card number must remain on the system or a postdated cheque must be provided if a customer does not wish to enter a credit card number in the MindBody system.
    • If no card/account information is present, no further sessions will be scheduled or attended until the outstanding payment is received in full. 
    • Additionally, reserved time slots may be lost if payment for the program is not made in a timely manner.
    • All “Memberships”, regardless of sport, are a twelve agreement. What we have done is taken a total cost for the year's agreement and divided it into twelve equal payments. In these programs, as a customer, you have purchased the ability to attend a specific number of sessions in a twelve month time frame. At the conclusion of the twelve month contract you purchased, no sessions will be carried over past the final date. Lack of attendance does not allow you to “make up” those sessions missed, nor does it allow you to put the membership on hold until you are able to attend again.
  • Team Programs 
    • All team programs require the use of THE ATHLETE’S ZONE INC. key fob to electronically sign-in and access the training room floor. A deposit equal in amount to one team training session is required on the first program the team signs up for with THE ATHLETE’S ZONE INC. to cover the replacement cost of the key fob. This key fob is re-useable for all team programs you are registered for here at THE ATHLETE’S ZONE INC. At the beginning of the last training session, all key fobs to be returned are given back to THE ATHLETE’S ZONE INC. staff and the session proceeds as expected. Any missing or lost key fobs are replaced at a cost of $30 per unit by the team at that point, payment in full prior to the start of that last training session.
    • Team sessions are pre-paid, whether for testing or training purposes. The total invoice for the expected training schedule can be split up into half, thirds or quarters to make payment easier for team budget planning.
    • Pre-paid team sessions are refundable if circumstances prevent a team from attending all the sessions. Five days notice must be given prior to the expected session being missed, otherwise the team is responsible for paying for the session, even if they cannot attend.
    • If you are unable to attend a program due to circumstances out of your control (for example inclement weather), we can offer to reschedule that session at a later date agreeable to both The Athletes Zone Inc. and the team.  
  • Sports Medicine Clinic 
    • If your scheduling conflict is known in advance and we are notified at least 24 hours ahead of time, it MAY be possible to change your appointment time to another date or with a different staff member. However, this cannot be guaranteed. 
    • Any appointments missed or cancelled without 24 hours notification are still billed to you at the full session fee.


Facility Operations & Code of Conduct Policy

The following policies and procedures are intended for all registered facility users, parents, guardians, siblings, relatives, friends, and/or coaches of the athletes registered with The Athlete's Zone Inc. and applies to all persons, including staff and student interns in the facility:

Violence and Harrassment Policy

The Athlete's Zone Inc. has zero tolerance for workplace violence or harassment of any kind, and will be proactive in the prevention of workplace violence and harassment. The Athlete's Zone Inc. is committed to:
  • Investigating reported incidents of violence and harassment in an objective and timely manner, taking necessary action; and providing appropriate support for victims.

To ensure that employees and customer/clients at The Athlete's Zone Inc. have a work environment that is free of violence or harassment of any kind, whether it arises from another employee or any other person visiting the workplace, or interacting with staff or customer/clients.

This policy will ensure that:
  • Individuals are aware of, and understand that, acts of violence or harassment are considered a serious offense for which necessary action will be imposed;
  • Those subjected to acts of violence or harassment are encouraged to access any assistance they may require in order to pursue a complaint; and
  • Individuals are advised of available recourse if they are subjected to, or become aware of, situations involving violence or harassment.

Workplace harassment means:
  • Engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against a worker or customer/client in a workplace that is known, or ought reasonably to be known, to be unwelcome.
  • This includes unwelcome words or actions that are known or should be known to be offensive, embarrassing, humiliating or demeaning to a worker, group of workers, or a customer/client. It includes behavior that intimidates, isolates or discriminates against the targeted individual.

Workplace violence means:
  • The exercise or attempt of physical force by a person against a worker or another customer in a workplace that causes or could cause physical injury to the worker or customer/client,
  • A threat to exercise physical force against the worker or another customer/client, in a workplace, that could cause physical injury to the person threatened.

The types of violence will be defined as:
Type Definition
Criminal Intent Involves a person with no relationship to the workplace, who commits a violent act
(e.g. theft, hostage taking/kidnapping, physical assault)
Customer/Client A client with willful intent to cause harm to the employee or another customer/client
Employee Related Employee who engages in repeated and persistent negative acts towards one or more
employees resulting in the creation of a toxic or unhealthy work environment
Personal Relationship Relationship violence that occurs at the workplace (e.g. family member that commits a
violent act against a worker within the workplace)

If any employee or customer/client engages in workplace violence or harassment, an investigation will take place immediately. The employee involved will face discipline which may include up to and including immediate termination. Regardless, the appropriate legal actions will be undertaken by The Athlete's Zone Inc. and legal authorities contacted when faced with this situation.

Lost, Theft, Vandalism, Mischief of Personal Property

The Athlete's Zone Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the care, maintenance and/or protection of any personal belonging(s) left unattended on our property and for loss, under any circumstance, including theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief, of any such belongings. If made aware of missing or forgotten items, The Athlete's Zone Inc. staff will do everything reasonable to secure these items if found after notification by the person responsible, but no guarantees of safe return of any unattended property is made by The Athlete's Zone Inc. or the condition they are discovered in while in our facility under these circumstances.

Lockers are made available on a fee-for-use basis in each change room so that athlete's and other customer/clients can lock up personal belongings while using the facilities. The Athlete's Zone Inc. encourages the use of these lockers to prevent any incidences like this from occurring.

Athlete's and facility users of The Athlete's Zone Inc. who do leave personal property of any kind unattended are the sole person responsible for these items, regardless of where in the facility they are left, when they are reported, the monetary value of the items in question or the condition they may be found in.

The Athlete's Zone Inc. has installed video security cameras throughout the facility to ensure our customers feel safe as well as monitor the activity within the facility if any questionable behavior is suspected. The Athlete's Zone Inc. will refer any matters of significant theft, vandalism or mischief to the appropriate legal authorities for their consideration and investigation if made aware of these infractions within a reasonable time frame.