We understand that athletic development is a long term commitment for most athletes. From ice-time to equipment to coaching, everything can be so expensive. The number one reason an athlete is able to improve their performance is to practice and repeat their training on a very regular basis.

For some athletes, training is very sporadic during their in-season and they primarily train during the off-season only. The Gold, Silver and Bronze Packages are perfectly suited for these athletes, and they can purchase the appropriate package to cover their off-season training.

Usually, we recommend that athletes and parents look at the length of their off-season and figure out what training frequency they would like to commit to. This calculation should give the athlete an idea of how many training sessions they will need. Then, they purchase the appropriate package, schedule their first training session and get ready to work.

But for other athletes, maintaining a regular training schedule for large portions of the year, including an aggressive off-season schedule, can become very expensive. It is with this idea in mind that we have created our Athlete Memberships.

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